Mason’s Mowing Services

“You Grow it – We Mow It”

Established 1984

“That is the slogan of lawn care professionals.”

(At least according to our 1985 Radio commercial on WRAN radio)!

Mason’s Mowing was started many years ago in Denville NJ when I was still in high school. The corporate laws being what they were, at that time a corporation was considered a separate entity from its ownership. So, a 16-year-old kid, could lease a fleet of mini pick-up trucks under a corporate entity! Ah, memories that once were. So here I was, sitting in Mr. Reinhard’s History class, and I had six guys out in the trucks mowing lawns at a whopping $20.00 an acre. High School ended, and I sold off the contracts to a competitor, and that deal paid for my first 2 years in community college. After college, I did not head for Property Maintenance, rather who made the commercial. Broadcasting was my interest, and I was first an intern at WRAN, and ended with Bellcore as an AV Specialist. Having been disillusioned with broadcast news selling out to ratings, I had no desire to pursue broadcasting any more, and I have run a bunch of successful businesses since.

But I always longed to be back into property maintenance, and after all, you clicked here, so lets go into the subject.

Property Maintenance

Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to live and work in a safe and functional housing, It is one of the main factors that impact our quality of life. As the owner of a property, you might be wondering what you need to do, to ensure that your property fulfills those needs and expectations. To find the answer to that, you should first familiarize yourself with the insides and outs of property maintenance. Many properties in the Poconos are not full time occupied. They are either occupied on weekends, or seasonally, or are re-rented in an air B&B type fashion. Since you, the owner, of the property are not there full time, the maintenance of such a property can shave hours and even days off of your enjoyment of your property. Property maintenance is the process of preserving a residential or hospitality building and its immediate surroundings in an optimum condition through a set of specific maintenance activities. First thing is curb appeal. We do regular clean ups of the property and maintain the lawns. planting beds, shrubs, and trees. We keep the place neat, orderly, and clean. Lawns are cut every 14 days; cleanups are done bi-annually (fall and spring) Beds are maintained every spring with fresh mulch. Fruit trees are sprayed, as recommended for that genus, and shrubs are trimmed yearly when recommended for that genus.
Next is maintaining the infrastructure. Cleaning and maintaining the drains, roof gutters, and breezeways. Next up is rodent control.
Next, we will analyze the garden and landscaping, replant missing plants, and attempt deer remediation.
Next, we will address the garbage separation and disposal.
Next, we will regularly test and advise servicing and repairs to HVAC systems, servicing, repairs, and replacement of all mechanical and electrical systems (lighting, HVAC, water supply, water heating, etc.)
Next, we do safety checks (proactive inspections of mechanical and electrical systems, fire extinguishers, and safety inspections of the entire premises).
Lastly, we inspect possible water infiltration risk and advise mediation. Property maintenance is beneficial for both the occupants and the property owner as it works to keep everyone happy.

Five things you should keep in mind when thinking about property maintenance.

Making maintenance a priority. When so many other issues in your life cost money, people tend to cut back on maintenance spending. But this can lead to rapid property deterioration and an uncontrollable downward spiral of issues, which in turn creates an ideal setting for safety hazards. Avoiding these and even more problems requires that you proactively estimate and budget for maintenance annually. A good guide is budget a minimum of between 2 – 4% of your property’s current replacement value for your annual maintenance budget. Normally every dollar you spend on maintenance saves you $5 in the long run.
We use name brand parts to keep your property in tip-top shape, so that they operate safely and last as long as possible. When we stock your spare parts inventory with parts that are high-quality, you’re investing in the longevity of your property. Although very durable items may cost a little more at the onset, they help you save on future repairs and minimize recurring problems.
No matter how competent you are at home maintenance; it can quickly become challenging to stay on top of every single maintenance task. Our techs following a carefully designed checklist, will stay on top of the developing issues. That is why we are moving towards a computerized maintenance management system. A mobile CMMS will help us to streamline and optimize every aspect of maintenance, handle repetitive administrative tasks, track safety, measure performance, reduce maintenance costs, and much more. We will keep you, the customer posted on progress as we move in this direction.
Another fundamental practice for keeping your property in shape is to read our yearly condition assessment. This will give you a comprehensive baseline data about how the entire property and its systems perform. That information helps to highlight areas for improvement.
Just having someone regularly there. The fact that we are in, out, and around the house helps keep the property active. The more active it is, the less security and vandalism issues occur.

Key Findings: If you currently own or manage a residential property, property maintenance is not something you are smart to overlook. It just makes sense to maintain your property. The benefits of property maintenance are too many to ignore. the good news is it does not have to take too much of your time. What really matters most, is to ensure that maintenance is ongoing and that those in charge of maintaining your property have the skills, funding, and tools they need for proper execution.

Tasks handled by our property maintenance include:

• Lawn and yard maintenance
• Plumbing
• Heating and Air Conditioning
• Painting
• Electrical work
• Locksmith issues
• Common area upkeep
• Flooding emergencies

Have and Air B&B? Getting to the point they you need a handyman around the house? Do you need help caring for your property? Tired of calling contractors in the Poconos and NEVER getting a call back?

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