Redwood Place

This was one of our first projects, and we have lovingly maintained the house with its delightful homeowners. As an interesting note, they had sold their home in NJ, and moved up to our area because their NJ house had too much landscaping to take care of!

We started by clearing the back yard. We took it back to this. The hillside is a compound slope. Not great for entertaining, but certainly a blank palette It was severely overgrown, and just completely unusable. We formulated a design based on arcs.

We elected to keep the Rhododendron and the Mountain laurel, and a couple of small trees. As anchor points to the beds.

Next we went plant shopping. Its such fun. We meet the homeowners at our growers, and several associated nurseries and pick out plants for the project. As this one was after Labor Day, we got all the plants at 75% off!